Sunday, December 13, 2009

Orkut Vs facebook

Social networking sites are the best ways to find friends easily around the world. The most important sites are facebook and orkut. The facebook is famous in the North America which has an origin at the Harvard University. The orkut is a social networking site from the Google. Facebook has a higher market share than the orkut. The orkut gained its popularity mainly in the country called India. Facebook and orkut had their own features in attracting the users of the social networking sites. Let we see some of the differences between these sites and discuss some of the important features available in these sites.

Remarkable Differences between them:

The Facebook allows you to have specialized layouts for the people and helps you to share your photos with others. The orkut provides you with the number of times of a particular profile visited by others. As the orkut is connected with the Google chat, people can chat with their friends simultaneously in spending time with these social networking sites. The facebook provides you with most fascinating look and allows you to customize the view according to your requirement and mood. Thus start account in these sites to find friends all over the world.

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