Sunday, December 13, 2009


So the war is on!

Days back I just pondered about how social networking sites such as Orkut and Facebook have had their TRPs raising up so high, especially within us, the Indians. Not that Facebook is both, famous in the West as in the East and Orkut isn’t, but Orkut has its own regions of conquer, territories of users and wonderful elements to exhibit.

Orki and Facbi, they are just like two buddies from convent school or probably college, popular in their own way with their unique facets that attract all. Started off as plain, simple average students who were liked by all but then eventually had their own groups, neutral acquaintances and plus points.

Times have changed. These students are no longer those plain, average pupils who were same in many ways and different in some. They now have their territories, groups have grown, popular in their own way, regions to conquer along with hearts and all set to capture the world’s attention using strategies from every possible vertical. These friends are no longer buddies but competitors.

Today, if you young, (as we call it, ‘the teens’...), add to that - you are tech-savvy (oh! C’mon, who aren’t these days? If not, maybe you need to move on!), and is an IT professional, student, housewife, grandpa, wife, mother, advertising professional, doctor, actor, teacher, chef or even idle at home, it’s so definite that you do run an account on social networking websites. (Hey, you do have a blog and do read blogs but don’t have a social networking account, buddy c’mon; buckle up and move on… create an account today!)

Now, it can be, Twitter, Orkut, Facebook and so on. If a blogger, then definitely, you should be having an account with 20 something bloggers,, Blogadda, Technorati, Indiblogger and so on. And if you an ethnic, patriotic Indian, a techie especially, you will see him or her bound to have an account with Orkut or Facebook and a blog with Indiblogger kind of blog networks.

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