Sunday, December 13, 2009

Social Networking: Facebook vs. Orkut

Facebook and Orkut are two of the most popular social networking sites, with both offering very similar features and capabilities. Comparing FaceBook vs. Orkut from a market share perspective will show you that both are considerably behind MySpace with Facebook owning just over 11.5% of the market share and Orkut having less than 1%. Facebook has become very popular in North America over the last few months whereas Orkut is extremely popular in India.

I do have access to both an Orkut and Facebook account and find myself using Facebook the majority of the time. I actually prefer Facebook when comparing Facebook vs. Orkut from a usability perspective, here's why:

- From an overall cosmetic point of view, Facebook is a much more professional looking whereas Orkut looks somewhat unfinished

- Facebook's Mini Feed feature is useful in seeing a quick snapshot on the latest happenings within your network

- The ease at which you can customize layouts within FaceBook, especially the drag and drop option.

- The ability to supply how you know a person (through school, other friends, work, randomly, etc...). This is especially interesting when you and one your contacts know the same person, but through different ways.

Here's what I like about Orkut:

- Within Orkut you can view people's profiles regardless if they are a 'friend' or not.

- I like how you can see the number of times your profile has been viewed with Orkut.

- The integration of Google Chat (maybe there is an opportunity for Microsoft to go after Facebook for the same purpose).

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