Sunday, December 13, 2009

Twitter vs Facebook

The recent updates these days is a new war brewing up in the social sphere between the two popular social web tools . Social networking powerhouse Facebook sees itself on “a collision course” with Twitter. Some analysts see Facebook’s site redesign, as a “desperate attempt to mimic Twitter.”

Well, “if you can’t buy ’em . . . beat ’em?” said Kenneth Corbin in Back in fall of 2008, Facebook offered Twitter $500 million in stock to wed and bed her.

Facebook is planning a series of changes to its homepage and how the flow of information coming onto the site is displayed. It seems in the world of social media, imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery, or just a way of trying to steal a rival company’s thunder in light of their refusal to be bought out.

Facebook CEO Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced changes to its home page that would allow streaming of “posts from your friends in real-time.” It also changed the status prompt from “What are you doing right now?” to “What’s on your mind?”

This move makes sense, because people seem to be veering away from Facebook towards Twitter due to its real-time nature.

There are an estimated four to five million users on Twitter, 30 percent of which are new. HubSpot claims between five and ten thousand new accounts are started every day. Which may seem impressive until compared to the recently published Facebook numbers of 140 million active users and up to 600,000 new registrations ever day.

In terms of numbers, Facebook is a much more important service than Twitter. But of course, quantity isn’t everything, with the quality of people on Twitter maybe making up for the huge numbers being achieved by the social networking site.

However, as of now, Twitter remains a niche enjoyed by the relatively small number of people using it but failing to break out into the mainstream.

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  1. I still love facebook because of Awesome looks.