Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What Makes Facebook Win Over Orkut?

I was quite surprised to see the news in the headlines today about the deal of Microsoft with the social networking site Facebook. Facebook is a 3 and a half year old social network for friendship and a community hub. Microsoft’s entry into the social networking venue has raised quite a many eyebrows over the fact that,
Microsoft paid $240 million price for 1.6% stake in Facebook. This clears the view , world’s largest software maker, crudely wanted to deepen its relationship with a startup that didn’t have $200 million in annual revenue
This deal was the only thing which made me to open an account with Facebook. The only other friendship community I am associated till now was Orkut which in my opinion definitely gives a far more friendly user experience than FaceBook, especially now after having registered with Facebook.
I did look around for the reason as to why users prefer FaceBook over Orkut and was surprised to see that Facebook users are more than the number of Orkut users.
The main reason’s for users liking Facebook from what I found were:
  1. Simple and professional user interface
  2. Explanation for being added as a friend
  3. Unique groups or communities
  4. Security of user’s profile and information
  5. Many other fun applications
Orkut India
The reason’s why users don’t like Orkut were as follows:
  1. Amateurish interface (as seen prior to the new one I suppose)
  2. Open scraps and profiles owing to less security
  3. No provision for providing reasons to “Add as friend”
  4. Repetitive groups or communities
The only point where people seemed to love Orkut was it was easier to find old friends and colleagues as compared to Facebook. The only drawback of Facebook was that in the resistance of a beginner to join in for the first time.
I have loved Orkut ever since I joined it after having a bad experience in a yet another online community called Hi5. But Facebook still hasn’t impressed me to the point to digest the fact that Microsoft has ploughed in $240 million (maybe a bitter outcome of Vista has turned its gaze to the online business).

If Facebook’s popularity was the case, then the question arises as to why did Google opt for Orkut?

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