Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Not so thrilled with Orkut, Orkut sucks!

Today itself I decided I’d never log in into my Orkut account again in remaining life. It’s very addictive, and sucks away my whole day. Every now and then I used to type those shitty five words on a browser O—R–K—U—T, to check if someone desirable just scrapped in. Moreover, there’s nothing caled privacy. You have to think twice before getting intimate with people you want to (read GIRLS), without inviting unwanted attention from all sorts of people (some happen to be your irritating friends). One thing that really pisses me is the unruly nature of Orkut users. Those having 500-600 FRIENDS (I had only 80 until yesterday, and it was so difficult to manage). All that repeated “How are you?” (”I was about to DIE!!! Leave me alone for God’s sake”). “What are you doing”? (”Why the fuck should I tell you?”) “What’s latest?” (”Just because you have nothing to do, I work in a prestigious company, I like to stay busy in my job, and be happy with that. I don’t PRETEND to have doing LATEST things every now and then.”) Also, there are users who are involved in 100+ communities. Gimme a break, all those social kind, I like to spend time with myself alone when it suits me. Trust me guys, ORKUT is a community of all kinds of losers. The more you let them eat your brains, the more you sink beneath. Wake up, and get back to good ol’ emails, and instant messaging. Get Skype, make international calls. Even mobile phones cost just 7.2 rupees to call in US and Europe. Better still, make personal visits. Just ignore this fucking medium. BYE BYE Orkut.


  1. Excellent post. You share my sentiments. I never use orkut or any social networking sites for that matter.

    For the rest of you drug-addicts, go to the gym, play basketball, ride a bike--these are better things in life.

  2. may be because google wants start new social engine so they just dont making orkut good