Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Connect with your existing Orkut Friends on Facebook

If you started your online social life on Orkut but later migrated to Facebook, here’s a simple import utility that will help you become friends with all your old Orkut buddies who, like you, may have also shifted to Facebook.
facebook orkut importer
Connect Orkut with Facebook
Step 1: Drag the Facebook bookmarklet on to the bookmarks bar of your browser.
This contact importer bookmarklet initially appeared on my Facebook homepage but it’s not there anymore. If you have trouble adding it to your browser, see video instructions on how to install bookmarklets.
Step 2: Login to your Orkut account and click the bookmarklet button. Alternatively, you may click here.
connect facebook with orkut friends
Step 3: The Facebook Friend Finder tool now scans your Orkut contacts list and will then show you a subset who are also on Facebook but aren’t friends with you yet. Click "Add Friends" and you are done.
The same friend finder bookmarklet may also be used for connecting with Rediff contacts.

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