Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to add Facebook friends to Google Talk in Bulk

In a day where social networks are increasing there are hardly any tools which offer feature like integration of all contacts to one place so that you can catch all your friends who are in Yahoo, G Mail and on Hot mail or in Facebook to one place so that you don’t need to switch to different places to talk with all your friends. So let’s start with the procedure wherein you can compile all your friends at one place. There are two phases wherein in first phase we will see how you can export facebook contacts and save to Yahoo, G Mail or even Hot mail. And then later we will see how you can import bulk contacts to Google Talk. What finally you can achieve with this task is that you can simply chat with your facebook friends in with the help of G Talk.
Procedure to export Facebook contacts and save them to Yahoo / Gmail / Hotmail:
  • First you need to go to and then you will see a screen as shown below after you sign in to your Yahoo account.
After signing in, all you will find a screen as shown above and now click on facebook icon and after clicking on facebook icon a new window will be opened up where in you need to authorize the sharing by clicking on OK as shown below:

Now as soon as you click on OK, within few seconds you will receive a screen saying that your contacts have been successfully imported.

Once the import is done, click on this to download a CSV file as shown below which has all the email addresses of all your Facebook contacts to your desktop.

  • Most importantly while importing the contacts to Gmail, assign it to some group which will help you easily add them in Google Talk which we will see at a later stage.
How to import bulk contacts to Google Talk.
  • Now, go to G Mail account and compose a new email. Type in the name of the group which you named at the time of importing the contacts to the G Mail as shown below

Now, once you have the list of users in the To: field, its time to select  Select All and Copy the addresses.

After that open Google Talk and Click on Add button which is located at the bottom of the G Talk client. In the next step paste all the contacts in the empty space as shown above.

  • Now, click on Next and all the contacts which you selected will either be added directly to your Google Talk if they are Google contacts or will be invited to use Google Talk if they use different clients other than Google.
In similar fashion, if you use any other Social Network like Orkut, You can first download the CSV format file and the same can be  exported by above mentioned steps and can make use of all the friends who use Orkut or My space or any other social Networking site.


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